We are trusted partners in the collective legacy of the
Henry family: wealth, wisdom and relationships.

We’re focused on meeting the dynamic needs of each Member Family, adapting to how those needs unfold over each stage of life with an elevated level of service.

Our boutique approach makes it easy for you to pursue opportunities that will define your family’s future, with special access and privileges that elevate life for generations.

Discover an elevated web and mobile experience for accessing our heritage, each other, and dedicated Private Advisor team.


We serve Member Families across a wide range of needs and objectives with wisdom that has guided members of the Henry Family for more than four generations. While you are independent, you are never alone.

Sam and Wendi Henry

The Henry Family Office is our platform for building an enduring family legacy. Our purpose is to strengthen family unity, teach family values and lessons, and provide a reliable system for preserving and growing generational wealth.   From our leadership team to our board of trustees, our mission is to serve you, your family, and your communities for generations to come.  

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