Team Henry Technology Setup

We use best-in-class technology to streamline team work, simplify scheduling and improve our client service.  

Get started with these great apps:

1.  GroupMe.  Create a free account and join the “Team MVP” group.

2.  Google Chrome.  Download Chrome and sign into the browser.

3.  LastPass.  Create a free account and then go to Chrome | Settings | Extensions.  Search for LastPass and install the extension.

4.  LinkedIn. Create an account if you don’t already have one and create your personal URL (like  Look for another email from me on professional branding in a day or two.

5.  Google Drive.  Create a Google Account if you don’t already have one.  We use Google Drive for document sharing.

6.  Work Email and Calendar.  You are welcome to use either Google or Outlook for your work email and calendar.  Please create a professional email signature:

Best regards,
Your Name
Associate | World Financial Group @ Transamerica
(###) ###-#### | Calendly | LinkedIn |

7.  Calendly. Create a free account and connect your Google or Outlook work calendar to it.  You can create one meeting type so feel free to use mine as a reference.

8.  X.AI Scheduling.  Create a free account and connect to Wendi Henry.  This helps speed up scheduling.  Add your title as “Wealth Strategist” and company as “Transamerica.”  Add your LinkedIn URL and be aware that this will show in all client appointments.   Be sure to update your availability for meetings.  I am available 830am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, 830am to 4pm on Fridays, 9am to 12pm on Saturdays and 2pm to 5pm on Sundays.  Feel free to adjust this to your personal situation and preferences.

9.  Zoom.  Create a free account.  We use Zoom for almost all our meetings so download for both your laptop AND phone.

Once you’re finished with these updates, it’s important that you keep your calendar up to date.  Our scheduling assistant, Andrew Ingram, moves very quickly once our calendars are connected.

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