Are you overpaying for life insurance?

Are you overpaying for life insurance?  We help our customers save each month so schedule a free consultation with a Wealth Strategist.

Four Ways to Save on Life Insurance

1. Comparison shop. 

We represent dozens of A-rated life insurance companies and we do the shopping for you to make sure there are no hidden policy exclusions or fees.

2. Start with term life insurance.  

Term life insurance is a great option for most people and it’s the cheapest way to go.

3. Reconsider your policy coverage.

If your mortgage will be paid off in five years, you may not need the same huge payout.  We offer a free personal financial review to help you determine exactly how much you need.

4. Don’t automatically renew.

If your term policy is for 10 years, coverage may automatically renew at the end of the term; however, the renewal comes with a higher premium payment.  It is often cheaper to start a new policy.

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