Bootstrap fuels Family Member success for
launching new businesses.

No prior business, financial or startup experience is required for Bootstrap.  We offer training, mentorship and capital in return for a small stake in the companies we launch.

The Bootstrap Accelerator Program helps Member Families launch new business businesses.  We invest time and capital in Member Families with the ambition and determination to build a wildly successful venture.  We coach family entrepreneurs as they launch their business, help get them into the best possible shape, and refine their strategy.  Each new business cycle culminates in Launch Day when founders present their companies to an audience of family members.

For first-time entrepreneurs or those without a specific business idea, we recommend first starting your journey as a WealthSmyth Business Partner, which has a meaningful income potential, a proven system and develops the essential skills for growing a successful business in any industry: leadership, finance, and relationship sales.


  • Proven system for creating predictable revenue through SalesSmyth, a Henry Family company.
  • Startup coaching
  • Financial education
  • Brand identity advice and support
  • Leadership development 
  • Networking opportunities


  • WealthSmyth, financial services.
  • SalesSmyth, marketing and sales management consulting.
  • Thrifted Wardrobe, fashion online retail.
  • Rifle Canyon Construction, luxury residential construction.
  • Flying Horse Worldwide Luxury Transportation, luxury transportation.
  • Xamarin (acquired by Microsoft), mobile software engineering platform.
  • Henry Realty, real estate brokerage.
  • HopeMongers Cooperative, microgiving software platform for the world’s poor.
  • The Woodmen Group, offshore software development.
  • Red Letters Campaign, community be the hands and feet of Jesus for the orphan and widow.
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