Uncommon Opportunities

Our boutique approach opens opportunities that will define your family’s future, with special access and privileges that elevate life for generations.

Private Credit

Low-interest Private Credit is extended through a Private Family Bank, a pool of funds available to be lent to Member Families in support their life endeavors. How it works:

  • Member Families contribute to custom designed life insurance policies.
  • Total Annual Capital for loans is ear-marked annually based on Bank performance.
  • Members may apply for low-interest loans.
  • Loans are approved based on availability and merit, according to Family Priorities.

Private Equity

Private equity offers Member Families the dual opportunity to invest in the Family Investment Fund and raise capital for their own ventures.

  • Member Families invest in a pooled fund for early stage, high growth companies.
  • Pooled fund investment focus is fintech, B2B SaaS, and generative AI.
  • Entrepreneurs apply to pitch startups to a network of angel investors of which we are one.
  • Family Investment Fund may invest as lead investor or as part of a syndicate.

Heritage Properties

Heritage properties include properties that are identified as worthy of preservation because of their historical, architectural, aesthetic or academic merit, built on three pillars.

  • Generate long-term wealth in real estate.
  • Improve individual and shared family life experiences.
  • Strengthen family unity and peace.
  • Prepare family members for lives of leadership and service.
  • Honor elder family members with a sanctuary for respite and graceful aging.


Family Endowments are designed to sustain long-term financial support for charitable activities and philanthropic initiatives endorsed by the family, including conservation and education.

  • Member Families contribute to a permanent fund dedicated to philanthropy.
  • Endowment capital is invested to ensure both growth and ongoing funding availability.
  • Annual disbursements are made to support approved charitable organizations.
  • Fund governance ensures alignment with philanthropic goals and ethical standards.

How to Set Up an Investment Opportunity



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